Traveling with pets

Check out these links on pets before traveling

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Before leaving on your trip make a pet checklist (whatever will apply):
• Medications.
• Kennel or carrier.
• Food and water bowls.
• Food and water.
• Stain remover/cleaning supplies.
• Portable vacuum for hair/spills.
• Plastic bags, or litter box/scoop.
• Grooming tools.
• Extra paper towels/wipes.
• Collar and leash(es).
• Comfortable bedding.
• Identification.
• Recent photo.
• First aid kit.
• Treats and toys.

Check In
Let the hotel know that you have a pet before check in and see if they have special pet rooms. See if they have a room on the first floor and out of the way. Ask about the maid service policy for rooms with pets. Also see if there are any "hidden" pet room costs.

During your Stay
Always clean up after your pet. Find out where you can walk your pet. Do not to leave your pet unattended in the hotel room for prolonged periods.

Make sure your room is clean. If you gave a pet deposit, don't forget to get it back! It is also a good idea to take pictures of the room before you leave so that there is no dispute about your pet making a mess later (this has happened !)

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