Adobting a Cat

So you want to adopt a furry friend. Just consider the benefits of a loyal companion.

Saving Lives:
When you adopt a cat or kitten you're saving lives. You're making room for a pet that may not be wanted. Taking home a cat or kitten for adoption at a no-kill organization allows them to rescue another pet by creating space so other animals can be kept longer.

Know what you're getting:
When you adopt from a reputable agency the pets already have been examined and have vaccinations and checked for worms.

Cat getting an instant friend for life:
Anybody who has adopted a cat or kitten shares a special bond with their rescued pal. When you give your heart to a pet in need of a home, they return the love for the rest of their life! Cats with difficult beginnings seem to bond more with their new human companions.

Ten tips to know when adopting a cat

• They need to be fed nutritious food regularly.

• Cats also need plenty of cool, clean, fresh water.

• Keep your cat inside your home with you. Also keep him away from house plants as some are also poisonous to cats.

• Do NOT automatically have your cat declawed. Declawing has been compared to removing your fingernails.

• Cats do NOT need to go outside. Cats are almost always naturally housebroken and will use a litter box.

• Make sure your cat wears identification, even if you never let him outside.

• Cats do NOT need to be bathed. A healthy cat keeps clean and well groomed.

• Make sure your cat gets good veterinary care.

• Have your cat spayed or neutered by a veterinarian or at the ASPCA once the animal reaches maturity.

• Give your cat plenty of love and affection.

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